Patons pattern help / cast off

Hi I am knitting Dad’s Zip Front Jacket by Patons.
To shape the neck I have to : knit to last 3 sts. Cast off rem 5 Sts. Rejoin the yarn and purl.

My question
How can I cast off 5 sts if I have only 3 sts left on the needle?
Bc I knitted to the last 3 sts.

Help please ; really stuck on this

Welcome to KH!
Thank you for the pattern link. Which size are you making?

I finished the back and now I am almost finished with front left… but I got stuck on that cast off

Would you have any idea how to interprete it?

It’s an error in the pattern. Here’s a way to do it.
K1, k2tog (raglan edge), knit to end of row. Turn, bind off 5sts (neck edge), purl to end of row.
Then follow the directions for decreases at the neck and raglan as written.

This makes sense with the directions for the right front. Yes, it’s offset by one row from the right front but that’s common in sweater patterns. It’s only a fraction of an inch and won’t show.

Omg! You are so smart!!! Of course I will do that
Thank you so much

It’s debatable. Enjoy finishing up this very good-looking sweater. We’d love to see a photo.