Patons Patridge pattern help please

Hi all!
I need some help interpreting this pattern please.

After the " 8 more rows" in rib pattern…I get that I need to cast off a stitch to begin the next row but then what do I do for the remainder of the row?
From what I gather from online research the " Work 1 row even " means to purl that row. Is that correct?

Wings (make 2 alike).
With MC, cast on 14 sts.
1st row: (K2. P2) 3 times. K2.
2nd row: (P2. K2) 3 times. P2.
These 2 rows form Rib Pat. Cont in Rib Pat for 8 more rows.
[COLOR=“Red”]Cast off 1 st at beg of next row and following alt row.
Work 1 row even.[/COLOR]
Cast off 2 sts at beg of next row and following alt row.
Work 1 row even.
Cast off 3 sts beg next row. 5 sts rem.
Work 1 row even. Cast off.

Novice knitter, forging ahead!

No, work even means to continue in the stitch pattern that’s been established without decreasing (or increasing) your stitches. So just continue in the rib pattern, less one st at the beginning and end of each row. To do that, just knit what look like knit sts and purl what look like purl sts on each row.

Thank you! That was my initial thought but I was so unsure.

Appreciate your help!