Paton's Nuance

I bought some Paton’s Nuance to make my daughter a hat and scarf (Silver’s Palindrome). I chose the yarn because it’s the colors she wants (brown with a bit of green and gold metalic running throught it) and it feels really soft.

I cast on for the hat, and I’m already thinking I’m not going to like working with this yarn. As it runs through my fingers, a little “ball” forms on the yarn. Maybe I need to loosen up my tension.

I was just wondering if anyone used this yarn and, if so, how did it go?

I’ve made a couple scarves (a lacy one and an Elongated Stitch scarf from this site) and a garter stitch hat with that yarn, and I really liked how they came out. Yes, you have to be a bit more gentle with the yarn so the halo doesn’t ball up, and I don’t imagine it would be very fun to frog, but it can be done! However, if it feels like the frustration will outweigh the final product, I could totally understand that. Knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing! :slight_smile: