Patons Merino Wool

I was in Michaels today & found Patons Merino Wool on sale for $2/ skein :woohoo:

Nice grab! I woulda gotten like 10 of 'em!!

What colors did you get? Any plans for them?

I got 8 of them, it was only the red (pretty shade though). Then I grabbed two blue for $3/skein. I smiled all the way home.

AHAHAHAHA!! So you DID grab 10!!!

Great minds must think alike!!!

You lucky girl, you!! nice!!! :woohoo:

Makes me wonder:

  1. Should I run over there?
  2. Should the blue have been on sale for $2/skein, too?

Either way, congrats on the haul!

Oh my, what a deal!

I would have had to ask why the blue was $3… who know, maybe it was an error.

Very neat!

sometimes they only mark down certain colors. my ac moore had a couple of colors of sugar and cream marked down for only 0.75, they were pretty ones too =)

Wow–what a great deal!!! Good for you for getting such a great bargain!!!:cheering:

What IS merino wool? :think:

Wool from merino sheep. It has a longer fiber which is why it’s somewhat softer than other wool.

Michaels near me has the same sale every two weeks! They have it and then take it down and then it’s back up like clockwork!! I HAVE SO MUCH OF THAT STUFF!!! AND i LOVE it!!! Go buy more!

what a great deal!

Does it pill as badly as KP Marino?:sun:

I did go buy more. I bought 8 that day, but when I got home I remembered seeing a pattern for it for a sweater & thought “hey I’ll need more than 8 for that” So I went back the next day & bought 6 more. Figured 14 oughta do.