Paton's Lacette and tons of knots

I was at Michael’s this weekend and found a pattern for a capelet that I thought I would make my daughter to go with her Easter dress. We were both excited! If you haven’t used this yarn before, maybe you have you used something similar…

The Silverlash was actually easy to work with; it was the Lacette that gave me fits. It tangled VERY easily, and I quickly had a huge mess on my hands. I pulled what I thought was the end out of middle of the skein, but I must have been so totally wrong. I had a huge knot and I could actually pull it through the middle of the skein from either end! After trying for over an hour to sort out the mess (I had it draped literally all over the family room), I gave up and cut it and figured I’d just have to go buy another skein to make up for what I lost. I finally started knitting on size 15 bamboo needles and I got about 10 rows in and realized that not only should have I have used circular needles but I should NOT have used bamboo. The yarn was NOT moving along the needles well and was, in fact, wrapping itself around the needles, sort of like a spiral! I finally gave up, but I’m determined to make this capelet for my daughter. I’m going to buy some circular (metal) needles, but I was hoping you guys would have some tips for preventing the mess I made with the knots.

I used lacette to make preemie hats, and when removing it from the skein, it did tend to tangle. So I patiently untangled it and rewound it into a ball. My problem wasn’t so much the twisting around the needles as it was figuring out if I got the whole stitch, the mohair is hard for me to knit with.

Yeah, I imagine this yarn wouldn’t work well with bamboo needles. I used 2 balls for a scarf and didn’t have problems, but I could see how it would be hard to untangle this stuff!