Patons lace

I’ve got four balls! What should I do with it?
It’s Paton’s lace in Bonfire! Very pretty.
Look forward to your thoughts

It is pretty and that reminds me I was going to stop in this week with the 40% coupon to get one. I’m going to make a lacey shawl of some kind, I use a larger needle than patterns do, so I should be able to get a good sized one out of nearly 500 yards.

You could make a circular shawl which could double as a throw with that much yarn.

I just bought one ball in sachet and started a scarf using 10.5 needles in a cat’s paw lace pattern. Really pretty so far. My first attempt at lace. I got the free pattern at A shawl would be a good idea.

I just bought 2 balls of the blue, not sure of the name of the color. Since this is mostly acrylic I wonder how it will block. Due to that, I’m thinking a garter stitch shawl but on slightly larger needles.

I do a lot of shawls with acrylic, even lace patterns, and do go up several sizes on the needle. I’d probably use somewhere between an 8 and 10 for this yarn, would have to see how it knits up for me. Though now that I’ve seen the yarn in the store, am not too thrilled with the colors; maybe the sachet, or the Midas.

I have now done 16’’ on this scarf in sachet. It knits well, and is very soft. But this is a very strange color pattern. Started out with one edge in lavender, then several inches in dark purple, some irregular rows of the lavender again, and now some light green. On the ball it looks like I will next be doing several rows of the green, and then white before getting back into the purple again. I wonder if the other shades are like this? I like the yarn but think I would prefer something more conservative in color. This is going to be a present hopefully.:knitting:

They are variegated like that, the midas is a cream, light tan, maybe a darker brown and a green. The blue one is a couple shades of blue with white. Here’s the color charts.

Well I’m still knitting and 38" into the scarf and it is a very strange variegated pattern. Not my style but my cousin thinks she will like it. You knit for several inches in one color and then it changes. Not the short variegated strips you usually see.

I prefer yarns with long color changes instead of changing every 8 or 10 sts. Am still thinking about this on.