Patons kroy socks from Yarnspirations

I’ve completed the heel and now onto the instep. The patterns does not pick up sts, it will be grafted after completed.
Pattern reads: Divide 18 heel sts onto 2 needles - 9 sts each needles
Next red: 1st needle: Knit
2nd needle: pat across 18 (etc) instep sts
This is where I’m completely stumped… I have no idea what to do. No where in the pattern does it say instep pattern… oh please I sure hope someone out in this knitting world has done this pattern and can help me.

Welcome to KH!
The pattern has sts equally divided, 18sts on 2 needles for the heel (probably needles one and three) and 18sts for the instep (the upper part of the foot) on needle two.