Patons double knitting Pattern 2422

Hi I am Fran, I haven’t knitted for a long time, can anyone help me with a pattern please? I am getting

very confused. It is size size 32.
I have started on the back, and knitted up to 1st row.
This is then where I am unsure what row do I insert.
Can you help me please?
Than you

It says “work across next 12 sts as 1st row of panel patt. A.” So you would look up at the Panel Pattern A instructions and follow what the 1st row is up there.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, this is were I was getting confused, the 1st Row in Panel A it says Knit. There is no 12 stitch pattern.

If you look up at the top, where it says “Panel Patt A” right underneath that it says (worked over 12 sts) So whatever it says to do, you would do it for 12 sts.

Can be confusing sometimes!!!

Thank you for your help,
I was thinking I wasn’t reading It correctly.