Paton's Divine?

Has anyone tried the Patons Divine yarn? It feels so soft, but I am worring about the content…don’t want to be a yarn snob…looks like fun yarn though…your thoughts???

I used it last year and have a ball for a scarf this year. I made it on 13’s so I had a nice loose weave to it. This year I will do it with the drop stitch pattern to make it go super fast.

For scarves I think its great. Like most synthetics, there is not a lot of give to it, but it wasn’t as bad as, say Lion Boucle or Lion Homespun to work with.

Thanks, I will take that into consideration. I can see what you mean about the give.

Hey! I’ve got this yarn in my stash! Actually… :??

OK, I remember… I have a WIP - a scarf - using an elongated stitch pattern. I used the Patons Divine near the end of the scarf as an accent row. Does that make sense?

Try this… I did 3 inches in my verigated LB Homespun yarn then switched to the Patons Divine for 2 inches (elongated stitch) and then went back to the LB. When I get to the other end, I’ll repeat this pattern.

Now, my thoughts on the yarn? It was not my favorite. I found it a bit “hairy”. I had to be sure to grab the actual strand of yarn and not the hair when I knit. You know, pay attention while I knit rather than just knit. Now, it’s not the worst yarn I’ve ever used by any means but I don’t think that I’d like to use it for an entire project. It makes a great accent!

Now, just a disclaimer here… I am not a huge fan of “hairy” yarn. I tend to use smoother yarns but have been known to throw in something fun for accent or fringe on a scarf or things like that. Someone else may be better suited to evaluate this yarn compared to others but… this is my little opinion. Hope it helps!

Would I buy it? Um, I did! You never know when it might come in handy! OK, so I buy anything that catches my eye. What can I say, I’m a yarn ho! :happydance:

good luck, Angela

You go yarn ho! I know what you mean, I actually couldn’t resist it myself!

PLEASE don’t let me stop you from trying this yarn!!!

I felt bad after I re-read that. It’s really not bad just… not my favorite! I classify yarn in a strange way - smooth, bumpy or hairy. I love smooth and bumpy yarn but I’ve never been good with the hairy stuff. I tried making chemo caps out of the LB Funfur. Eww… that did not go well for me! I ended up using LB Homespun and a tiny strand of silk blend. I tend to be picky!

Later, Ang

No apology necessary, I was looking for feedback. I am trying it on 10.5 now and it actually knits up well. My black slacks are showing the furry pieces so it may be hard to sneak back to work un-noticed…hee.hee!

I love this stuff. I’m using it for a bunch of scarves for Christmas. The only other thing I’ve ever made from it is a hat.

I made Glampyre’s One Skein Wonder with 1 1/2 skeins LOL

It’s a great way to knit up a luxury-looking item with inexpensive yarn. Knits MUCH better than LB Homespun too!