Patons Decor or Woolease?

Which is the better yarn :thinking:

I’ve touched Patons Decor several times in what passes for a LYS here, because they keep it next to some nice plush yarns. It’s made me go “ick” every time - it feels really rough and scratchy to me. Woolease feels a lot nicer on the skein, at least.
(my 0.02 CAD)

I’ve never seen Wool-Ease in the places I’m able to shop but I have used Decor several times and I really like it. It’s all personal preference, I guess.

:smiley: I’ve used Woolease many times & liked it, I’ve not used Decor :smiley:

I’ve used both, and I think the Decor is a bit thicker, or rather, denser than the WoolEase. Other than that I’d call them about equal.

Thank you for your answers. :smiley: