Patons Decor in Burnt Orange

I have ONE ball, that my sister bought for me in a thrift shop last year.

and I love the colour. I want a whole sweater out of it, with cables. (I know, a girl can dream…)

so if ANYONE ANYWHERE has some, I’m buying!

I’ld need 11 balls. I could make something with 10 or even 9.

heck, even one more ball would be useful, I could work it into something else, a bit of fairaisle, or intarsia…

one just doesn’t quite do it.

although imight be able to make a pair of socks…

There are 4 skeins on ebay, but they’re all different dye lots.

This is the result of a search on Ravelry for Décor and “willing to sell or trade”.
You can search for your color too.

wow, that was like a trip through the colour gallery!

I sent a query to Spinrite. I figure, if I find some, great, if not, socks. and I’ll combine it with a deep aubergine to make sure I have enough to make TWO slouchy socks, and maybe some boot tops.

There are lots of “Stash, not for sale” notes.

seriously? are people just showing off their collection? it sure sucked me into the vortex. the colours are amazing!

I understand that the “Stash, not for sale” is a default. Often people don’t notice or uncheck that box so that even yarn listed that way may be available.
I love orange colors especially at this time of year and hope you find more. If not, the socks and boot tops sound great.

REally, I should just go ahead with socks or whatever. because buying MORE wool to use up one ball is Head-twirling NUTS.

but that’s just me. :smiley: