Patons Classic Wool Merino; Nice, not nice?

if you had you choice between that and KP WOTA which would you use.

i prefer patons. i’ve heard wota pills pretty badly.

the patons. It’s a million times softer and it dosen’t pill nearly as much as WOTA does.

Patons is my choice… 223 yards per skein, soft and colors are great. I use it for felting/fulling and it works perfectly.

Definately Patons :slight_smile: It felts great!

I don’t know if Patons is that much softer than WOTA, but while knitting it feels “tougher” (like it will wear better). IMO, Patons does not feel like Merino - its not nearly as soft as KP Merino Style - but it’s not unpleasant, either.

I’ve never used WOTA but I’ve heard that it pills. I looove Patons! It was my first all wool yarn and I really liked it. It felted well, too.:thumbsup:

I wouldn’t use either one as a garment, but they both felt beautifully!

I’ve never used WOTA, but I use Patons [I][U]a[/U] [U]lot[/U][/I]. Every SnB newsboy cap that I’ve made has been with the Patons. I’ve also made handwarmers and legwarmers, and SnB’s “Loopy Velez cowl” with the Patons too. It’s really economical–both price-wise and yardage-wise, and since I don’t have a LYS nearby, it’s readily available to me, too.

I’ve yet to use WOTA–but I’m going to felt with it. I’ve heard it’s too scratchy to put against your skin. Paton’s is also too scratchy for my sensitive skin as a garment, but I made a beautiful afghan out of it that I love. It’s a nice looking affordable yarn. I’d go with that unless I was going to felt the project, then I’d use WOTA.

patons is not soft like a merino should feel… not my choice for sure…why cause i got some and it sitting there at the corner never been use…cos the texture is abit coarse to me…hope this helps

I’ve never used Paton’s either. I have looked at it. The last I looked - and touched, most of it felt pretty scratchy to me. but one color - not the color I was looking for :roll: - was really soft. One of those things that make you go ‘Hmmmm . . . ?’

I love Patons Classic, but I could never knit a sweater with it. I’ve heard that since it does felt extremely well the slightest bit of heat+moisture+aggitation will felt it. In other words, if your underarms get sweaty you’re going to have felted pits which is a bummer when you’ve spent hours knitting a sweater. I only use sythetic wool blends or superwash wool for garments, but Patons is excellent for other projects - especially ones that require felting. IMHO it felts so much better than Lion Wool.

I made my first sweater out of Patons Classic Wool, and it was nice and soft. (Haven’t worn the sweater yet, though.)

I knitted my Fetchings from Patons Classic and while it didn’t feel like the softest yarn as a skein, it’s not the least bit itchy on my hands. I’m wearing them now :slight_smile: