Patons Christmas Joy booklet, Celestial Stocking

I purchased this booklet to do this stocking pattern and I am looking at the chart.

the key only indicates, knits/purls and then it doesn’t indicated any kind of increases and decreases. Only a dotted line (for front of pattern shaping) and a solid Line (for back side shaping) it is worked in two pieces and sewn together.

the chart is at home but i can bring it and scan it in tomorrow if anyone thinks they can help me :slight_smile: It is one of my xmas presents for my husband’s sister.

i know i will have to do increases and decreases but it doesn’t mention them at all only to “cast on 6 stitches and follow chart noting outline for front and back” that is literally the only chart instructions that are written.
any help y’all can offer would be great :slight_smile:


Does the chart change shape? I mean does it start out with 6 stitches and on a row further up have 8 and then 10, etc? If so that is where it increases, anywhere where a stitch sticks out beyond the row below would be an increase and if the chart gets narrower, that would be a decrease.

The chart does change shape but there are quite a few stitches on one end of the six and not the other. I have just never seen a chart where the instructions solely rely on the shape on the page. I have worked a few charts but never one that didn’t have any increase/decrease instructions. thank you so much, i have been trying to figure this out for 2 days now. I will post when i get home and have the chart in front of me so that maybe i can be a little more clear :slight_smile:

Ok so now I am home lol the ptrn says cast on 6 the first row of the chart has 13 stitches that stays the same on ws too

then next row it has 17 so I know I have to inc but shoul I use kfb for the Inc? It is k1p1 rs and alternate in seed st but I can nvr rmmbr if it is moss or seed lol

whew that’s a lot of typing on iPod touch LOL
hope it makes sense :thumbsup:

I’m not sure where the increases/cast ons go for that very first part. If it says to cast on 6 and then the chart begins with 13, that is not telling you exactly what to do. I’m guessing you start at the bottom of the stocking because you shouldn’t have a lot of shaping at the top. I guess you will just have to use your head on that first part. Look at the picture of the stocking and at the chart. Which way is the shaping going? If you start with 6 and go to 13 you need 7 increases. If you kfb in each stitch it would only give you 12. So it is not that.

Working with moss or seed stitch (I believe it is two names for the same thing, that is why it is confusing) makes it a little more exacting. You can’t really increase in the middle of a seed stitch pattern and not foul it up. So you need to increase on the outside edges all the time. Since it doesn’t tell you what to do, here is what I think I would try. Cast on 6. Purl one row. Next row: (K1, P1) into the first stitch, * then make one as a knit using the strand between stitches, p1; repeat from the * to last st. M1 kw again, (p1,k1) into the last stitch. This gets you from 6 to 13 and establishes the k1, p1 across.

On the next row just work each stitch as the opposite of what it is. So it will be k1, p1 across.

(That is the way to work it if you want the stitches added to be added evenly across, but if they all go on the same side or something that would be different. )

On the next row, going from 13 to 17 are those added 2 on each side? Or all on the same side? The chart should show by having stitches extend where they want them. Either way I think I would add them the same way. If 2 or all four go at the beginning I would use a knitted cast on to add the stitches and then looking ahead at the pattern as it is going, knit or purl those stitches so that they are in the correct sequence. Pattern across. If you add 2 or 4 at the end of the row, I would work to the end and then then turn and knit on the 2 or 4. So they really end up at the beginning of the next row. Work them in sequence as needed on the return row.

So for the type of increases. If only one increase is needed at one or each end I would K1, P1, or P1 K1 into the first stitch (whatever works with the sequence). If you need two or more I suggest a knitted on cast on and then work them in sequence.

Good luck. Let me know if any of this helped at all. If I am totally not getting the picture, let me know and maybe I can try again with new input added.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out! Your help has definitely helped me at least visualize how to get this going once i get home tonight!! Yes the 13-17 inc is all on one side, good call :slight_smile: then they seem to alternate a little
and another good call–it is worked from the bottom up! You are quite perceptive :slight_smile:

if i can’t figure it out, believe me you will see an update :slight_smile:

once again thank you so much, such a help :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a way to use the word “help” more in one post LOL

Can I just say that u are BRILLIANT!!! I am halfway through the front thanks to you!you are truly amazing! Thanks again

Sunni, I’m glad my help was so helpful. I like to help, but sometimes the help I so helpfully try to give is not such good help. But this time it helped. That makes me glad. :lol:

As for me being brilliant… I only wish it was true. I’m not a genius at knitting, but I’ve worked at it a long time and picked up a few things. I’ve learned a lot from trying to help (there it goes again) people too. If I could only remember everything I’ve learned over the years I would know a lot more. Merigold

Well, i have to say i didn’t even consider the knitted caston as an option! so your suggestion is genius to me!! I love the profuse use of the word help!! too funny :slight_smile:
I find that i run into trouble since i am in no way a designer and if there are pattern mistakes that are not posted, i do struggle quite a bit but do seem to finish stuff too :slight_smile: I will look for you on Rav so we can be Friends :slight_smile: I LOVE MY KNITTING COMMUNITY!!!

so helpful LOL