Patons Bohemian

Anybody ever use this?

Dd fell in love with the feel of it, it’s soooooooo soft (thick, feels fuzzy). She usually complains that yarn feels scratchy.

I’m making her the Lacy Poncho:
It called for Boa, so I made a test swatch and am using fewer stitches.

I’ve made some scarves with it, because my friends asked me to, but I’d never choose to knit with it again on my own…

I found it very… wormy? Hard to keep an even tension, and I ended up sewing in the ends with thread because they kept poking out no matter how much I wove them in.

On the other hand, though, it is really nice and soft. So I guess it’s a personal preference - I hope your project goes well! Good luck!

An extremely accurate description, thanks!

It’s so different than basic yarn, doesn’t seem to keep any structure.
Fortunately I’m using it for something loose & unfitted, on really large needles, so I was really hopeful. But I’m about to frog 6" for the second time (even after doing a test swatch in pattern), so my optimism is waning.:frog:

I hope it ends up working out for you!

Finished! What do you think?

Wow! That looks great! :slight_smile: Are you happy with it?

I totally don’t think I’d have the patience to make something like that with that yarn… Ha ha…

I’m glad it worked out for you! :slight_smile:

That’s cute. Good job.

Thanks so much.
Yeah, I’m glad it ended up working, it’s such a different yarn. With all the frogging involved, I almost knitted it twice!
Dd is so excited, really happy with it. She wanted to wear it to school so badly, but it’ll be a few weeks before it’s warm enough around here.

Very nice!! It looks great!

It looks great!!! Congrats!