Patons Bohemian yarn

My DD absolutely LOVES the feel of this yarn. I needed to make her a scarf with her college colors since it’s getting cooler there. She’s mentioned several times that she’d love one in the Bohemian since it’s so soft and feels so good. Well I haven’t been able to find it at all and ran across some purple today in AC Moore. I bought 3 skeins which gives me about 200 yds. Any suggestions for a stitch pattern with sort of fuzzy, bulky yarn? I don’t want to do regular garter or stockinette stitch but I don’t think anything lacy will really show up with this yarn. The label suggests using size 11 needles. I looked on the Paton website and they only had 3 patterns using it ( and two of those are in books for purchase). I’m drawing a blank …

I’d probably hate knitting with it since it’s kind of like LB Homespun, but I bet it is soft! It wouldn’t be worth doing a stitch pattern with it because it won’t show up.

Link to the yarn colors -

Here’s a few ideas, but you may have to experiment a little to see if it’s worth it to do an entire pattern with the yarn.

How about a drop stitch pattern? I had some similar yarn - kinda chenille-like that was very difficult to use in a “pattern” but looked nice with drop stitches. Worked up nice and quickly too! I think I did 4 or 5 rows in garter, then one drop and repeated it throughout.

Thanks for those links Jan - I love that reverse cable pattern for a scarf too - must try it with some of the odd yarn in my stash!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I love that cabled scarf pattern too! I played with it but have ended up going with altered sections of stockinette and gathered garter stitch. I’m really liking how it’s turning out. Will take pics when it’s done. :wink: