Patons 8 ply Herdwick pattern - HELP!

Hello everyone,

Just got back from the Wallan market and couldn’t help resist buying a ‘vintage’ pattern book titled Patons 8 Ply Herdwick for outdoor kids (Bargain at $2!!). Pattern books are sooo expensive these days.

But the only thing is, I’m not sure what wool to purchase because they don’t make this anymore.

I could knit a ‘test’ square from some tidbits I have at home, but I was wondering whether someone out there might know an equivalent or maybe point me in the right direction.

I know the names of some equivalents for some other wools, but not this one. There are a few lovely patterns in this book, so I can’t wait to begin.


Ply isn’t always a good way to judge yarn weight, but gauge often is if you don’t know the weight. What is the gauge and what size needles does it suggest?

Sorry ,I don’t know!

The pattern should tell you in the beginning–either ‘gauge’ or ‘tension’ expressed as number of stitches per 4 inches or 10 cm.

Regardless of the weight of the wool used, every pattern has to tell you how many stitches per inch you need in order to be sure that your knitting turns out the same size as the pattern.

It’ll say what needle size to use in the patterns anyway, right after how many balls of yarn to use, that would help you figure it out. The gauge might be given as stitches per inch, or over 2" rather than 4". Though really old patterns often didn’t give a gauge.