Paton SWS

Can anyone tell me about how much Paton’s SWS cost? I can’t find any info online! I reeeally want to make an anthropologie-inspired capelet, but I’m on a very strict budget so I’m not sure if I can allow it. :pout:

It was $5.99/skein at my Michael’s. Sorry, didn’t catch the yardage (maybe the Patons site mentions it).

Edited: It was a little high for me, so I think I may be doing a scarf out of one skein SWS (natural pink) and one skein natural Patons Classic wool ($4.99). I’m also keeping eyes peeled for a coupon. And stalking Hobby Lobby to see if they start carrying it.

I have a friend who’s sister at Michaels so I can get an employee discount. I’ll have to think about it!

It cost $5.99 at my local Michaels. Here are the specs on the label:

70% Wool, 30% Soy
Approx 100 m/110 yds
Net wt 80 g/ 2.8 oz

Hope that helps!