Paton pattern for Double Leaf afghan

I have been trying to find the Paton pattern for the Double Leaf Afghan, I found it is in a book called Patons #17313 Afghans Design Gallery III but I’m not able to locate the book. I looked on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and EBay but I’m not having any luck. Does anyone know where I can get this pattern?
Thank you.

See if either of these will work:

Thank you, once again, for your help!

Is this the pattern you’re looking for?

Yes it is but it isn’t available to purchase there (at least I didn’t see it there). Thanks.

You can buy the pamphlet with that pattern here:

Thank you, lizzy23, but I tried ordering it from there and it came up as an error, I’m guessing they were out of it. I really appreciate your help though!

Here’s one more try Linda. This site says the pamphlet’s in stock:

Good Luck! :slight_smile: