Paton Beauty baby cardigan - part of instructions missing
This a beautiful pattern but seems to be missing instructions on the left front. It gives row 1 (and the even rows) but then says ‘continue in this way until row 8’. I’ve tried various ways adapting the chart from the right side and can’t get it to work.

Is it just me - can anyone work out what the missing rows should be please?

Here’s the pattern and you can look at what other knitters did with the pattern if it helps.

The chart is the same for both the left and right fronts. The only difference is the placement of the garter stitch front bands. The RF begins with the 6sttich garter band. The LF will end with the garter band. For the LF, work the chart starting after the 6stitch band (at the right most “no stitch” square) and continuing left across the chart row. Six sts before the end of row, work the garter stitch band.
At the bottom of the pattern page is a link “Contact Me” to Sarah Bradbury’s email. She has apparently helped others with the left front pattern and perhaps has this charted.

Let us know how you’re doing on this darling cardi.

Thanks, this is what I thought of trying so will give it a go.