Patern help pleeeease?

Hey all…

I’m having trouble with this line of the chart. I must not understand it, because I don’t know why you would do this. As follows…

Sl 2. Place slipped stitches back on left needle. K3tog tbl.

In case I’ve left out any info, this is a line in the Pomatomus sock pattern by Cookie A on

Thanks guys!!

If you slip the 2 stitches knitwise one at a time, inserting your needle as though you were going to knit the stitches, the stitches get twisted. So, after slipping the 2 stitches and then replacing them on the left needle you will K3tog through the back loops. All I can say is trust the pattern! The resulting stitch probably looks slightly different than if you just K3tog tbl without first twisting the two stitches. :shrug:

Yes it will, it’ll be a left leaning dec. See my answer in the How To forum.


Thank you. I couldn’t understand because I thought you were always supposed to slip as if to purl unless noted. And it doesn’t say anything about “as if to knit”. So I couldn’t understand why you would slip the put right back the same way. I’m a very BASIC knitter, but I just love these socks. I’m thinking I may need a little pattern reading help also. (hehe) :teehee:

I assumed it meant to slip as if to knit simply because if you slipped the 2 as if to purl to the other needle, and then back again it would not change anything at all about the stitches, so why would they ask you to do it?? But also like suzeeq said in the other thread, if you didn’t slip them first and just did the K3tog tbl, it probably wouldn’t make any difference. And not to mention that stitch shows up only once every 22 rows.

EXACTLY what I was thinking, knitqueen. Why would I do this if it wasn’t going to chang a thing. So I thought there must be something I obviously didn’t know. But like you said, it’s only one stitch every 22 rows. Yet somehow, being the perfectionist that I am, I would still notice. :!!!:

Thank you guys for all your help!! :heart:

I thought I’d also mention that there’s a whole KAL (knit along) thread going on this site for those particular socks - LOTS of people are making the same pattern. You might want to check it out, and if you ask there people will be able to let you know what they’ve done with that stitch.

Pomatomus KAL.

Woweee. Thank you so much!! I’ll definately check it out.