Patchwork knitting

Please can someone help. I am having difficulty knitting a half square successfully. The one I knit does not have a straight edge at the end. Can anyone help. poppie:-P

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘half a square.’ Can you elaborate?

You are not going to like my answer.

patchwork knitting (or modular knitting) is VERY ROW dependent.

Normally, stitches aren’t square.
stitches (in stocking knit) are (ON AVERAGE!) about 3 stitches wide:4 stitches tall

that is 12 stitches wide=16 rows tall (3X4 =12/4X4=16)

so if you work in stocking knit,
and decrease 1 stitch per row, you will not get one half of a square, but 1/2 of a rectangle.

now, garter stitches tend to have a different ratio
2 stitches =4 rows (2 ridges of garter)

other stitches have other ratios–ribbing changes ratio, and so do cables, and so do knit purl combo’s (seed) and…

when knitting squares… you need to know both the AVERAGE ratio, and YOUR gauge (cause you are above average right?!)

so getting a half square (a right angle) and not, like this text art, a half rectangle,
is tricky!

1 we need more info to help you…

2 you need to think about the basic ratios, and to know your gauge, and to be willing to change needle (sizes) and perhaps stitches…(from stocking knit to garter!) to make things work!

You Rock…Love anticipating/reading your answers!!!:inlove: