Patchwork Blanket

I have an idea to knit myself a patchwork blanket for our camping holidays next year (giving myself plenty of time!). I am a novice knitter but can manage the basics. I am planning to use leftover wool from other projects/other people/charity shops etc so it is unlikely to all be the same thickness of wool. My first question is what size needles do I use for what thickness of wool; is there a general rule of thumb? And my second question is how will I know how many stitches to cast on so that my squares are all the same size?



this will be a patchy blanket, indeed.

You can not really make it look nice with extreme differences (bulky and chunky combined with sock yarn, but you could use very thin yarn double stranded), I guess. But differences will just add to the style.

make a swatch with every yarn (or make your squares so small that you do not mind to rip out). The swatch should be bigger than 4 inches wide. Then measure how many stitches you have in 4 inches and calculate how many stitches you will need for your desired size of patch.

The number of rows does not matter as much since you can just keep knitting until the length is reached.

The needle size mostly depends on how lose or tight you want the stitches to be. Just try it out. There is no wrong size, there is just too lose, to tight, and so on. It will not matter extensively, so do not over worry. You will see on your swatch if the stitches look good (the rows a bit underneath the needle, not right under it, since sometimes they look different.)

have fun!

Think about what size your squares should be whether 4x4 (very small really) or 6x6 or 8x8 or even 9" square. Then use needles tha would be about right for each type of yarn without making the squares either too stiff or loosely knit. For very thin yarn you can double it to get about the same texture or they won’t work very well with the others. Then CO enough sts to make the size of square you’ve decided they’re to be.