Patch Blanket and stashbusting!

I’ve been knitting for a year or so. I’m no expert, but I can knit a mean garter stitch scarf! :rofl:

So I got a calendar of knitting projects, a new pattern every day, and every month they have a “month block” with a little holiday motif. Well there are 12 of them. And they are meant to be placed in a field of little white 4x4 squares.

Soooo, staring at my tiny little left over balls of yarn, I decided not to follow the pattern (a serious habit of mine) and make a field of little blocks of my own. Casting on 22 sts, knit 2 rows, knit a pattern for 22 more rows and finishing with knit 2 rows, bind off.

So far it’s been good to eat up stray yarn, and it’s giving me a chance to practice my ribbing and small patterns. Seed stitch and differant kinds of borders and stuff I’d feel obligated to for a long period of time if I were to put them in a larger project. I can even practice tiny cable samples without ruining a scarf or sweater. And I can make it as big or little as I like, and perhaps add to it if it’s not big enough. I’m going get good joining practice also… make work on differant kinds of joins and crotchet borders… :thumbsup:


That is a neat idea. Where did you find the calendar?

I actually got it in a “day by day” store. I think… one of those nearing the end of the year calendar shops that pop up around the holidays. I see that amazon has a few also.