Pat Menchini's The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book - Misprint?

I am currently knitting the bomber jacket (page 91) Pat Menchini’s Beatrix Potter Knitting Book, however, there appears to be a misprint as the instructions for the Jacket right half is infact the instructions for the sleeves and I cannot find details for the rest of the jacket.

Any help gratefully appreciated.



I actually have this book!

It looks like the sweater is started at the sleeve edge and when you get to the bottom of the second column on page 91 you’ll see where you cast on 25 or more stitches on each side of the sleeve for the front and back of the body.

After you work each half of the sweater you seam it up the back and then pick up stitches around the bottom for the ribbing.

A very different technique for sure!

Many thanks Ingrid, it all makes sense now - certainly is different!


I’ve got a couple sweaters on the needle now which start with the sleeves, then you cast on and work the body, joining them in the center back and front. There’s probably about 8-10 methods to construct a sweater, some of them unique and interesting.