Pastel Denise Needles

I’m planning on asking for the Denise set for xmas, and I LOOOOOVE the colors of the pastel ones. The only thing is, I’m just concerned that I’ll be the unlucky person to get a faulty tip, and if I send it back, then I’ll no longer have a colored tip:cry: I was wondering, is there any way I can get just one colored tip if the does happen? Or would I just have to deal with my “boring” tip?

I would think that they would replace it with what you had bought. They’ll more than likely ask you what item it is and all and send you the tip from that set.

You can shoot them an email and ask them - that’s the best way to get an accurate answer.

So, I wonder, if they would replace with boring color, would that stop you from buying?? You may never need a replacement.

I have the boring colored ones. I’ve had and used it for several years and have only had to have one cable replaced, which they did quickly. I’ve never had trouble with the tips. I just bought a 42" pink cable at Stitches East, just to add some color.

Oh, sorry, I should have clarified that the pastel needles are only for sale here at KH because I think Amy makes them. Sorry for any confusion.

Back when Amy first started making the pastel Denise needles someone asked the people at Denise if they would honor the warrantee on the needles and they said yes. Of course they will replace with uncolored needles.

Oh, I didn’t realize this was the only place to get the colored ones. Still, you may not have any issue with them and never need to replace any of them. And if you did, it’d only be one needle.

I’ve never had a problem with any of the Denise tips and I’ve been using mine since the Stone Age.

The Denise set was the first Interchangeable set I had & still use it to this day. I haven’t had any problems with mine. Hadn’t seen or heard about the colorful set until this thread. Now I just wish I could come up with some excuse to buy this set too! :teehee:

I have a set of blues and a set of pinks. I love my Denise needles and have never had a problem. Do you have a link to these colored needles? Not that I need new ones, but they sound pretty!

KnittingHelp is the only place that sells them - click on the “SHOP” tab at the top of the page, then ‘gadgets.’ They are pretty!