Passion for knitting = neglected boyfriend?

Hum… :thinking: I’m starting to feel a bit bad for my poor boyfriend. I have very little free time, and when I have a minute, I want to knit! He’s not complaining, he finds stuff to do, and he’s very supportive of my knitting. But… I wonder if I’m not neglecting him right now… :?? How can you tell? I guess if I’m knitting up a storm, then I’ll get knitted-out? But then that would trigger the “yarn buying” obsession… :doh:

Any suggestions?

Sure! Knit Knekkid!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, I feel the same way a lot of the time. As long as you don’t start feeling like your time with him is time away from knitting, I think you’re ok! :wink: Just try to plan some stuff together away from the knitting temptation every once and a while. I keep meaning to do that… :rollseyes:

i know i’ve pushed it when he mimicks me “one more row, one more row” w/a puckered face & a nyah nyah nyah to his voice… but i just tell him, i wouldnt make you leave the golf course before the 18th hole… hmmppffff
(and then i feel bad again) hahah