Passing on of the needles, rip fellow knitter

This may be a bit mushy, but had to pass on, almost brought a tear to this knitters eye:crying:
Went on a garage sale hunt today, ran by a few places and got some great deals on clothes, then stopped by my fave thrift store, I always grab a basket and head straight to the back where the yarn is. I literally SIT myself on the floor and go through their yarn bins. ALWAYS great finds. today was no differnt, enough of the same yarn i kid you not for an afghan. And then I move on to the needle section, about 19 PERFECT pairs of aluminum staights for 75cents a piece I grab ALL of it.
The woman at the counter then points to a picture and says "that is 90 year old so adn so, she lived above this store and left everything to us when she died, these are all of her knitting things."


Your local thrift store has a yarn section? I’m so jealous!

What a nice tribute to another knitter. :slight_smile:

Along similar lines, last year my grandmother sent me a box with all of her needles and knitting notions in it. She used to knit quite a bit, but quit years ago after moving to Florida. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of her needles, etc. She was thrilled when I said I wanted them. They have been put to good use ever since. :happydance:

My Grandma was a crocheter mostly and when she passed my Grandfather packed up a box or so of her items in which I found a couple crochet hooks that most certainly were very old and some old really ugly yarn (bright red and olive pea green like the color appliances used to be). She used to make afghans and footies mostly and I’m beginning think those 2 plastic green hooks in sizes I and J were the only two hooks she owned along with a couple knitting needles. Though she had taught me to make granny squares when I was like 9 I never picked up the craft and the yarn and hooks and hand written patterns sat in a box for a long long time. One day, for some unknown reason, at about the age of 37 I decided I’d learn to make things with yarn and hunted down that box and suddenly had a whole new appreciation for the value of the items inside. A sentimental value.

I still get a funny feeling when I use one of her needles or hooks and can almost picture her on the couch in her homemade polyester pants, pointed eye glasses, and thick silver gray hair fluidly pulling yarn through loops. When my brother’s 40th birthday came near I had just started dabbling in yarnery but I pulled out that bright red yarn and her old “I” hook and her hand written footie pattern from a plastic sleeve and made him a pair of the footies that he had looked forward to receiving from her for so many years and thought he’s never see again.


too cool!

That’s not mushy at all.

I bought an entire shelf full of needlework magazines – a whole SHELF! I didn’t actually count, but I’d estimate at least 500 - 600 mags. Bought all of them plus the shelf for $10 at an auction! An amazing deal on what was surely a lifetime collection from an estate. Lot’s of vintage stuff :drool:

As I leafed through the mags, I saw little handwritten notes, stars on some patterns, dog ears, etc. I got misty-eyed thinking about the woman who collected all these and the joy she got from them.

Dunno what happened to her stash. LOL

Likewise, I can’t look at an antique quilt without thinking of the time and love that a woman of the past put into her functional art.