"pass marker"?

I’m doing a pattern with a crotch gusset. There are markers on the front and back center where the gusset will be. In the instructions, I am increasing before and after the marker, but when I get to the stitch with the marker, it just says “pass marker”. Is this the same as slipping that stitch? The pattern has me passing this marker on each row throughout the gusset, which doesn’t seem to me like it would work as that middle stitch would be tight (slipped each row, that is).

Am I thinking of the right thing, or is “pass marker” something completely different? Thanks!

You’re slipping (or passing) just the marker, not the stitch itself. Just move the marker from your left to right needle and continue knitting the pattern as written.

Ah, so I would just remove the marker from the left to the right stitch. So when I follow the pattern that says “pass marker, K1, increase” then in effect I will be knitting the stitch that previously had the marker? And since I’m knitting in the round, my center front and back will move one stitch to the side each row?

I don’t know why this confuses me so much, but thank you!

Wait…what kind of marker are you using? The kind that hooks onto a stitch, or the circle that goes directly on your needle?

Pictures here

I think your using the wrong markers. You should be using a row marker which would just slide along your needle, as opposed to a stitch marker which is attached to your stitch…

EDIT: Cawthraven already caught it :teehee:

Ah-ha! No, I’m just using a marker in the stitch itself. So in that case, I can keep the marker on the stitch and ignore the “pass marker” instruction other than to make sure that I’m in the right place? So I would still knit the stitch with the marker on it, and leave the marker where it is?

ETA: It’s strange since the pattern doesn’t mention this pass marker thing earlier, even though I had two hip markers through the bum shaping.

that’s fine, unless your marker is being moved along your piece, which it shouldn’t be as it’s the crotch marker…

Thanks so much everyone, it makes much more sense now :).