Pass 2nd st on RH ndl over the center st

Can some one please help me explain these techniques ASAP!!! It’s for Christmas…

  1. Sl 4 wyif
  2. pass 2nd st on RH ndl over the center st
  3. sl center st back to LH ndl and pass 2nd st on LH ndl over it
  4. sl center st back to RH ndl

I would be so grateful!!!


This sounds more complicated than it is.

Usually when you have a technique like this you have 5 stitches, one being the center stitch. What you’re doing is passing the side stitches over the center st one at a time. Whether or not you have more or fewer stitches going over the center st, it’s still the same concept.

                           / /  C  \ \
                          4 2      1 3

So you’re passing st one over the center stitch, then stitch 2 , 3, and 4. In order to do this, you have to move the center stitch from needle to needle. Just do exactly as the directions say, and you’ll see how it works.

I am so grateful for your help. For some reason, you helped the light go on!!! Have a beautiful day!!!

How does this increase 2 stitches:

K 1 tbl in row below next st, but do not drop from LH ndl, k 1 tbl in same st.

You’re putting two stitches into the one on the row below, so you’re getting two extra stitches. You’re not using a stitch that’s already on the left needle.