Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a pattern for a pretty pashmina? I wanted to knit one from some beautiful fun yarn I found but I can’t seem to find a pattern. I guess Pashmina’s are similar to stoles but I was wondering if anyone knew of a specific pattern.
Thanks for your help and continue knitting. :XX:

hmm…well i googled and came up with this list

there is a shawl on this site that i have been wanting to do …it is the big net one…but the LYS that i frequent doesn’t carry the Crystal Palace big net so i need to do some thinking about how to get around that! :wink:

Thanks Brenda for helping me. I saw a few places I could get some patterns from. I don’t know why I didn’t think of “googling” it.
Thanks again. :thumbsup:

uuuuuuuuh did someone edit my post? cuz i don’t know how to format so the link gets written like that… :shock:

I believe that was courtesy of The Mod Squad … :wink: We’re hard at work for ya! :sunny:

I believe that was courtesy of The Mod Squad … :wink: We’re hard at work for ya! :sunny:[/quote]

okay but that’s a little creepy…lol :shifty:

I believe that was courtesy of The Mod Squad … :wink: We’re hard at work for ya! :sunny:[/quote]

okay but that’s a little creepy…lol :shifty:[/quote]


lol…well it is like at another forum i belong to i always have to sign everything “brendajos” or i get confused by another Brenda S. that posts and i sit there trying to figure out when the heck i said that…so when my post looks different than the gibberish i originally put in there it makes me wonder what kinda weird voodoo magic is going on with my computer! :wink:

(don’t ask me why but i just made myself giggle…thank goodness i am confident i the fact that i know i am DARN funny…heeeeee {yeah i am mostly just talking to entertain myself now})

Yep, it was a mod thing, just one of our duties. Here’s how to post a link and make it look like one word (you’ll have to take out the [color=red]red underscores[/color] when you do it)

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Oh no! We don’t HAVE to do links that way do we? I hate not being able to see where the link is going right off and unless it’s a long link I purposely do not do it that way.

No Twiggy… you don’t HAVE to. Only if it’s a long url that stretches the page out wide. :wink:

Thanks Silver. I just quickly read through the rules trying to find it too. For those of us with older eyes, though, it’s much harder to read the link in the little area on the bottom of the browser when it’s formatted like a word in the message than it is to just see the link in the post. And call me paranoid, but I never click on a link until I know where it’s going.

You can also view a link location by right clicking the link and selecting “Properties”. That’s how I sometime check links. :wink:

OR, if you just hover your mouse over the link/word, the target will show on the bottom left bar of your window!

I know HOW to get around it. My only point is that it’s easier to see what the link is if it’s not “hidden” in a word. I don’t always have my reading glasses on. You can do it however you want. I was just asking if it were required to be that way since it was changed in a user’s post and since I choose not to do it that way unless it will make the page scroll I didn’t want to be violating any rules.

No rules as far as I know…I guess we mods always THINK we’re doing someone a favor! :oops: