Party bags?

Hi ,

A little while ago i posted a pic of my completed little blossom by alan dart.

well! Since then i have made another 13.

I decided to make them as part of the party bags for the girls attending my sons 7th birthday party in September.

I can honestly say that i will never do anotherone of these again lol:???:

Regards to you all


Wow those look great! I am in awe of your talent and dedication that you made them all!


Thank you so much Candice.

It took a lot of determination. But i am sure that seeing their little faces at the end of the party will make it all wort it.

Holy Pacaderm Batman! I wanna come to the party!

Great job. Those little girls are going to go crazy when they see them.

Thanks for sharing!


you are most welco me to come to the party but that would mean i would have to make more elephants.

THANKS leslie

Gosh… if I could sprout wings I would fly across the ocean to the party and play ‘susan-the-kangaroo-clown’ at the party to get one of those! They are simply terrific. Now THAT is one dedicated mommy doing so many!! :notworthy:

mUmmy…mUmmy…UK UK!

Good heavens, what did you give to the boys attending? They look spectacular! What a great mom you are!

Well nonny for the boys it gets a bit tricky as they do not like cuddly thing like girls do at this age.

So i have again put a childrens filofax, which is made of rubber with paper inserts and dividers.Bubbles , plane, pencil bouncing ball and other litlle bits.

In the girls i put an elephant , a tiara and a wand and bubbles and bracelet.

I thought it would be nice to give them something that will not go in the bin after about an hour.

Wow, what dedication!! They’re so cute - I’m sure they’ll all LOVE them :slight_smile:

Thank you so much red , you are such a sweety.

Now that is truly handcrafty dedication.

Thank you jamadian.

Full on dedication lol

i did them in 6 weeks . i set a a target of 13 weeks till the party. My needles were on fire :slight_smile:

Rita. Wow. I mean, Wow. Amazing. I would still be knitting if it was me. You deserve Super Mommy for this one.

well if you insist. i will take on that title

yeeeaah supermom lol

Those are just adorable. And I am in awe of your ability to knit the same thing more than once. I don’t think I would have the stamina!

That is amazing and they are all so adorable! :cheering:

Thank you Mariblu and gardengirlsknittoo.

it did get tedious , But i was on a mission lol :slight_smile:

Those are absolutely amazing! You’re a prizewinning party planner that’s for sure. WOW.

You must have been bored to tears doing them all!