(Part Of) my horde of houseplants

I’m a plant nut, houseplants, outdoors…I aint picky. However, I think my true love are indoor plants cause they make the house pretty in winter! :cheering:

I added two more african violets to the horde, today, they were $1 each…how could I resist??!

Under the plant light I have three violets (the two no0bs are in front, the pink one and the blue/white one) two draceana (pointy leaves) a bird’s nest fern and a cutting from the heart leaf plant from upstairs, plus my small variegated spider plant.

This is only SOME of the horde of houseplants. Across the room from those I have a huge spider plant, and two of those weird bamboo plants that live in rocks/water, the smaller one being on my desk.

Upstairs there’s no less than four spider plants, three of which are babies from bigger plants and a heart shaped leaf plant thing I’m trying to resurrect. My goal is to have spider plants all over the house as they remove toxins from the air! :yay:

Pretty! I have a couple African Violets and a Peace Lily which according to these lists is poisonous. No kids around now and it’s up on the mantel, but I’ll have to remember that.

Very nice! I wish I could have houseplants, but I can’t - one of my cats is a plant murderer. He knocks them over and digs them up by their roots, making the most awful mess in the process.

Our cat can’t get to the plants - they are in places he can’t reach/jump etc

You have to be careful of the baby now, too. Especially when he’s toddling around. :hug:

I love your window garden! I’m also a house plant nut. I have 3 phalaenopsis orchids (soon to be 4-- they are addicting), a sago palm, a plant I’ve forgotten the name of, and I’m working on a windowsil herb garden. I’ve been thinking about getting a few African violets, also!

Pretty! Are whatever those are under your plants there to prevent water stains etc? what are they?

My orchids are in two piece pots (an inner net pot that allows the roots to breathe and an outer clear pot that allows sunlight to the roots, which can photosynthesize), and they are also sitting in a clear dish with a little bit of water because they like humidity. It’s all plastic. I buy all of my stuff from www.RepotMe.com. They are local for me, and really really really nice.