Pardon my rant

I was in a car accident back in August and totaled my car. I didn’t see the light change and was hit in the intersection by someone going about 45 mph. I was probably doing 30. He hit me on the driver’s side just in front of the door shoving the tire into the engine compartment, cracking the windshield and crushing the front end inwards. He was fine, I had a concussion and missed a week of work. Thankfully, my daughter wasn’t hurt beside a few minor bruises.

So, in the process of separating a few years ago, apparently my ex took the comprehensive/collision off the car. Because it was my fault, not only was the car totaled but I didn’t get a penny for it.

It’s now January and I still don’t have a vehicle. I have come close but before the final preparations are made, something happens and it falls through.
Sigh, I am getting very discouraged that this is ever going to be resolved.
Sorry for the rant… just had to vent…:!!!:


I’m sure you’ll find your set of wheels :hug:! Besides, you’re ok and that’s the most important thing :muah:




i just had to note why would your ex would not keep full coverage when your daughter rides in the car?

I really hope you find a car soon!!:hug:

Uhm … I think that’s illegal! At least here in Wisconsin it is. Not only was your ex-husband extremely rotten … but your insurance agent majorly fell down on the job as well, considering that they didn’t contact you regarding your auto insurance. I would consider contacting your state’s Insurance Commisioner regarding this issue, if I were you!!

Last I knew, agents get commision on premiums, not on uninsured cars …

That’s why he’s an ex :roflhard:

I hadn’t thought about that… I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!


In my state, and a few others I’ve lived in… doesn’t require me to carry anything but basic liablility. I don’t have to carry comprehensive & collison.

My insurance won’t pay if I total my car… but will pay if I total or hurt another car.

This is exactly what I was told when I looked into it. Thank god they paid for the damage to the other person’s car [I]and[/I] they are paying my medical…
I think I just needed to rant, I feel much better today and way less sorry for myself… Guess the pity party’s over! Thanks everyone who was so supportive and offered great suggestions. It really helped to read them…

:hug: What a mess. I hope you find something soon.

I’m sorry for your troubles. At least both you and your child are well and as I have said a million times “it’s a car, a scrap of metal and replacable eventually, it’s not a life that is irreplacable”. I’m so glad you are both ok.

As for insurance and x’s and lawyers I have this to say:

[B]“Do you know why they bury lawyers 12’ under ground?”[/B]

here we go…

are you ready for it?..

ok then, here it is…

[B]“Because down deep they are REALLY good people.”[/B]

I think the same should apply to insurance agents sometimes…

Oh, I see … here in Wisconsin you are required to carry comprehensive and collision coverages on any of your registered cars. I can’t remember why you don’t have to carry liability coverages but it might have to do with the fact that here you are partially at fault just for being “there”.

As the saying goes: “This too shall pass…” and it always does.

You know, life is hills and valleys. If you find yourself in a valley…just keep walkin’ along…you [U]will[/U] come to a hill again…and rise!