Parasol Baby Cardigan

I designed this sweater as a request from a gal at the bank who said she would like a hand knit sweater for her little girl. All she said was yellow and the rest was up to me. I decided I better design it myself so I could sell it with a clear conscience. :wink:

I told the lady I would need measurements and she reported that the baby’s arms were 10" long (she was only 4 months old at the time) and had a 19 inch chest. I called to check on the underarm sleeve length again and talked her down to 9". I made them that long but they seem a bit long to me. :lol: I made the body a bit longer than most patterns call for since Mom said she was tall/long.

I got inspired by a stitch called a Parasol in the Harmony Guide and then found, also in the HG, a lace border that complimented the parasol. I developed a scaled down version without the yarn over edge that I made into a collar. Besides the long sleeves, the thing I may have goofed on is the neck line. It may be too big. It’s not a bad design but I think it needs a little refining. I think it may have ended up more an 18 month size than a 5 month size but it will fit sometime right? :eyes:

The yarn is Cascade Cherub. The color is pastel yellow a little to a gold.

And the back–

It’s absolutely gorgeous! Very nice job on the insets, the lace just sets if off! You’ve made a beautiful sweater!

Lovely…what a lucky little girl

Oh, how sweet! It’s beautiful. You did a wonderful job designing it. I especially love the little parasol in the back. Lucky little girl!

Oh my…that is just adorable!!:inlove:

Oh Judy Judy Judy! This is absolutely gorgeous! You are really a great designer!!! And knitter! And grammy! :heart:

OMG !! STUNNING ! I Love it . It is so lovely . Well done :slight_smile:

Incredibly gorgeous!!! GREAT JOB!

Very pretty design!:thumbsup:

:inlove: soo pretty!! Great job



That’s so darn cute! And I love a little child in bright yellow, they make me think of ducklings.

That is beautiful!! I’m in awe of all you designers out there!

That is beautiful. Fantastic job.

What a beautiful sweater. I love the design and color :slight_smile: