Papa's makin' a new pair o' slippers!

Cast on 66 stitches…Knit until desired length is reached.

Question: Is the 66 stiches the length or the width of the slipper?

For example, 20 rows for children, 29 for ladies and 32 for men.

Question: It says ‘for example’. Is that literal? Or is it supposed to be 32 rows for men? I am at 32 rows, 66 stitches wide right now. The shape of the piece does not look like it will be a slipper (and, yes, i do undestand that I will have to manipulate it to be an actual slipper! I’m just unsure of which is the length and which is the width. bviously 32 rows as a length is not long enough for a mans foot. It measures only 6 ins.)

Cast off by knitting 2 together over all the stitches.
Cut the [yarn] long enough for sewing with a needle, and pass it through the remaining stitches

If I have cast off by knitting two together over all the stitches, what remaining stitches am I passing the remaining yarn through?

Sew 1 stripe inside on both sides of the slippers to make extra gore.
Sew heel and toe on wrong side. Reverse to right side and sew the instep.

I’m pretty sure I’m Okay at these last two instructions, but I’ll get back to y’all if I get stuck again.
Thanks everyone![/quote]

Since the 66 is the same for all sizes, but they change the number of rows, that would be the width, no? It’s odd that it would be the same for all though.

It would help to see a picture if one’s available.

The k2tog should be the decreases, not a cast-off. You’d knit 2tog all the way around, and pull your yarn through those remaining stitches and pull them tight like a drawstring.