So, I watch a friend’s two kids during the day while she’s at work. Right now, I have her little one and my little one down for naps. Her 4yo was sitting on the couch right behind me playing with an electronic Rubix cube. Anyway, I’m over here browsing through the forums when all of a sudden I hear the clickety-clack of knitting needles. :shock: OMG! Panic! I left the knitting out! Sure enough, he had pulled the needles out of my knitting to play with them. So I just spent 10 minutes finding all the stitches and putting them back on the needle. I’d like to mention that this isn’t regular ole, easy-to-see-your-stitches yarn. No siree. It’s fun fur. And I don’t have a crochet hook. So I busted out a toothpick to pick up stitches that had dropped. Yeah, I just learned that lesson the hard way.

well done for being so patient and getting the stitches back on the needles … thats more than i could have done!

Eek; I think I’ve had another nightmare about leaving my stuff around children. Were you able to save the fun fur project? Last time I was working with a yarn that had ‘hard to see’ stitches… well… let’s just say that you handled it better than I did and I should never be left alone with scissors and a frustrating piece of knitting.


Yes, fortunately I found all my stitches and got them back on the needle.

Wildfire, love the pic of Gir! “doom doom doom, doom-dee-doom doom…”

OUCH! I’m glad it all worked out alright

Are you charging extra for the babysitting?

I have to Crochet on the Double or knit fur because I can’t see it at all.
At least with Cro-Double I can pull it out until it’s one stitch.
If I lost a knitting needle I’d probably have to get out the Opti-visor and “un-knit” a row to get it back on.

My sister had an ADULT over who found a strand of yarn. She pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled before she realized what she was doing.
Luckily my sister only crochets so she just lost work and didn’t have the joy of threading back onto a needle.

I only have a dog to worry about, but it is the fur he wants to play with. Luckily he tends to steal them out of the bag (I’m still missing a skein of purple fur).

YEEE-OUCH! Good thing you were in charge and not me! :aww:

You deserve a huge gold star for that!:star::star::star::star::star::star:
I had such issues when I knit a scarf out of fun fur I swore I would never use it again.

My four year old did this to me once:doh: , but fortunately I was sitting next to the bag and the needle he pulled out was not the one with the stitches!

Now I use circular needles, and the toddler has pulled on it and nothing slipped off. Thank goodness! :lol:

How fortunate you were able to salvage your work! :thumbsup:

Glad you managed to salvage the stitches :slight_smile: