Panic Knitting!

Is anyone else panicking because Christmas is almost here and there are presents to finish knitting? I keep having nightmares about my dad opening his present (a cardigan) and there’s nothing inside but a sleeve and some buttons! My DH swears he’s going to wake up and find me knitting frantically in my sleep :rollseyes:

I’m currently panicking about exams, but once that’s over I’ll have a chance to get started on panic knitting. I’m just glad that most of the things I’m working on are simple patterns (HP scarves, for instance) so I can work on them while watching a movie or something.

Why…is Christmas coming soon or somthing?? :??


I totally with you ella. Esp. since we have just been invited to a one-year-old’s birthday celebration TOMORROW. And I don’t know what to make for him :?? Then there’s all those unfinished Christmas gifts. ARRGGHHHH!!! :doh:

Ugh, don’t remind me, I still have 3 pairs of clogs, 1 scarf, and 2 hats to finish…one of those pairs of clogs and on one of the hats HAS to be done this week so I can ship them to Canada! What am I doing here? I need to be knitting!

Hah! I wish I could be panicking about my knitting! At this point in the semester, I’ve got to break down my panics into manageable chunks. Right now, I’m panicking about the take home quiz I haven’t even looked at yet. Then on to the math paper, then finals. Knitting panicking won’t start for another two weeks.

Yes… I have been panicing. :shock: I have:

2 scarves
5 pairs of baby booties
1 pair of slippers
4 hats
1 pair of arm warmers
1 pair of leg warmers


Not anymore, cause I found a solution!
Dad will get a country music cd instead of knitted socks, brother will get a book instead of a starwars scarf(he doesn’t wear scarves anyway) and if I don’t manage to finish the samus for my mum(have to redo the sleeves), she will get a mini version of it and a card.
I already finished gifts for aunt, her husband and two cousins.

That leaves one hat to knit(3/4 done) and one bag to sew. I don’t have any tests or finals(oral examination are somewhen in february), but enough homework to keep me busy(plus I started learning for said examinations[is that even the right word? You never know when you use one of those online dictionaries :lol: ]).


7 scarves to knit and finish still
2 hats
1 shawl
1 pair of fingerless mittens to finish

And I think I’m going to make those alien rice buddies on for my niece and nephew as well.

I’m very much panicking…

No panic, no way, not me :smiley: I did no Christmas knitting last year. Of course, since last Christmas was my 1st Christmas as a knitter…everyone got knitted gifts…this year, I decided to happily knit for me & my :inlove: sweetie :inlove: I may knit for Christmas next year…but will start very, very early :thumbsup:

I have two scarves left was suppose to have everything done by the 1rst but I got sidetracked… now its this Wed. all Christmas gifts will be done…

[size=2]or so I tell myself :rollseyes: [/size]


I WAS going to knit my gf an afghan…BUT I got too many contract stuff going…soooo…she’ll get the unfinished afghan in a box…and that’ll be what I work on in earnest…so she might get it by Easter!!! lol…every thing else is DONE

Panic about Christmas? Nah! I’m too busy panicking about the project I have to finish for my friend for her birthday on Monday. THEN I can start panicking about Christmas!

Heh–I decided to pare down the list a bit and buy presents for some folks, but I’m still worried! I hope I don’t have to resort to knitting frantically on the plane ride up to see the in-laws!


lol well there is a lovely sentiment.

no i am not doing any holiday knitting. i am officially done shopping for christmas though, unless i get something little for an office friend of mine. i have come to the conclusion that as long as i put deadlines on myself i will kick back at it to avoid doing it, and christmas is a huge one. besides, with the way i like to buy yarn, i would end up spending more on yarn for knitted gifts than i would just going out and buying stuff.

Nope, not panicing about Christmas, I’m Jewish :smiley: And Chanukah has eight nights :smiley: However, one of the knitters that I know presents the intended recipient with a swatch of the wool he will use and a note saying "You will be receiving a sweater,( hat, whatever) made from this wool. Then he has a chance to make the stuff and whatever he knits will fit better because the recipient can try it on as its being knit.

OMG, Jeremy! Does that means there are people for whom you have to knit EIGHT PRESENTS?!?!?! :shock:
[size=2]KK drops dead from the very THOUGHT[/size]

:roflhard: I know its hard to believe but there is not a line outside my door for my knitting. Trust me, my kids would much prefer the Best Buy Gift certificates I got them. I am knitting a pair of slipper socks for my daughter in law though.

Jeremy…I dont think Ive ever heard you mention DW or kids or DIL! You need to start a thread in the blog forum, friend! :thumbsup: