Panera Bread coming to Canada

I am so excited. They are starting with 3 in Ontario. One will only be about 15 minutes from me. Could be trouble for the waistline though.

taht sounds great, i have no idea what panera bread is though, but sounds good if its not good for the waist line hehe

I wish they’d come to Wyoming… They don’t even have them in Colorado, which has just about everything.

We have St. Louis Bread Company here. The first time I heard of Panera I was at my sister’s in High Point, NC, and needed to get out of the house (gotta know her to understand) and stopped in there. When I walked in everything was familiar–the graphics on everything, the colors–I said to the cashier, “You’re St. Louis Bread Company” and she said that they sure were. I said to give me my regular. That’s when I lost her. I love that place!

I HAVE to go to Panera’s :heart: when I go to to AC Moores a few towns over. High Point is the next town to me. There is a knitting group that meets there, just a little dark for me, couldn’t see enough to knit. Which might have turned out to be a good thing!!

St. Louis- forget the Panera, just give me an Amighetti’s special, love their bread!!! Miss it so much!

We have Panera’s and they are good. . .but we have so many places like it. Our Whole Foods has a really good bakery, esp. their ciabatta.

Panera has a good cafe though.

Oh, don’t get me started about Whole Foods ciabatta. My dh go to Whole Foods about once a month b/c it’s about 45 minutes to an hour away.
We started getting two loaves of ciabatta: one for the drive home and one for home.