Pancho on circs...don't understand pattern

Hi friends,

This is long.

I’ll be camping this long weekend and I won’t have access to this site, so I have to ask my question before I go and hope that I can figure it out without you guys to hold my hand through the scary parts. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m working on a pancho that is joined at the top, and splits at the bottom. I’ll submit a picture when I get it finished. I’m knitting it from the bottom up. Basically, I’m knitting back and forth on circ needles and will join them with a cable st and knit in the rnd to finish.

Here’s the question:

So, I’m working in my established pattern for 9 inches (the bottom of the pancho), I do a cable cross, and work some more rows, and cross back. My problem starts wtih the second cable cross. It reads:

(Second Cross) Slip 6 sts to a cn and hold back. k6, join new yarn and k6 from cn, p2. Tur to work other side. (Question 1, are they saying that I should be out of yarn on my ball and start a new ball, or should I be using two threads together?)

Back Top Band: K2, p6, turn. *K6, p1, p3tog, turn. Sl1 (purlwise) (What does purlwise mean?), k1 p6, turn. Rep from * 53 times, turn. K6, p2, turn. Bind off 8 sts. (With both yarns…assuming that was the answer to Q1)

Front Top Band: Return to other ball of yarn (Not sure where this ball came from). (WS) P6, k2, turn. **Sl1 (purlwise), p1 k6, turn. P6, k1, s3k, turn (what is s3k?). Rep from **. Bind off 8 sts. Sew ends of band tog.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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When it says “join new ball” you are going to tie on the yarn from a new ball and start knitting with the new ball and abandon the other one for the time being. When it says “return to other ball of yarn” you are then going to start knitting with the yarn from the first ball again. You are not going to be using a double strand. There must be a reason for switching balls - does it come at, say, a neck shaping area??

Also, when it says to slip purlwise it means that you slip the stitch from the left to the right needle as though you were going to purl it. So put your right needle tip into the left needle stitch through the front right side of the stitch, put it over to the right needle and don’t actually purl it. Just move it over.

S3K, not sure about that one but could it be something like a SSK except that you’re going to slip THREE stitches, one at a time (knitwise) to the other needle and then knit the 3 of them together?? :??

That just means Slip 3 knitwise…I dont think you knit them together at all…

Willow, does this pattern not tell you what all of the abbreviations mean? That would be pretty odd. Is it a free pattern on the web that you can link to so we can see?

I just thought that the S3K might mean to slip 3 then knit them together, because in the Abbreviations Explained section of this website, there is one called sssk which is slip 3 then knit them together - a double decrease.

Yeah … is the pattern online so we can take a peek? :mrgreen:

You guys are awesome!

I bought the pattern. It does have almost all the abbreviations, but not that K3K one.

Yes, where you add another ball, that is around the collar area! that’s going to work just fine!

No, it’s not on the net, so no pictures until I get if finished. I’ll post it then for you.

By the way, Willow’s my baby, i guess I ought to change my name so it’s not confusing. You know, had a baby, that’s all I could ever think about, need to get back my own identity :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to be made with this nice exspensive yard that has 2% elastic, but I’m just using cotton with a similar gage.

It’s pretty cute. I’ll gladly post the whole pattern for you if y’all want to see it, but not right this second. I am actually trying to hit a big deadline here at work. I shouldn’t be here at, but…you know how it goes…

Are you guys still out there?

Silly me, I forgot about the scanner! I scanned in the picture on the pattern and I’d love to show it to y’all. However, I can’t figure out how to post it. I tried to cut and paste, but that didn’t work. I could email it directly to you if you email me directly ([color=blue]email deleted[/color] - see why here).

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If you’re in where you post a reply, below the typing section is a field that says ‘Filename’ , then a blank white area, then a box that says ‘Browse…’ . Click on browse, locate the file that you scanned and saved, double click on it, the file name will then show up in the white box beside ‘Filename’ , then you can add a file comment or just click submit. Try to make your picture file so that it isn’t too huge, and it should work fine!

I think it also has to be a “jpeg” file. I don’t think “bmp” are allowed :??

Hi - I think I’m knitting the same poncho … the slit neck pullover poncho by artful yarns, and I think I can help. When it tells you to join new yarn, you simply let the first yarn go and start working with a new ball of yarn. When you’re finished with the back top band, it tells you to break off the yarn, hence you’re left with only the first ball of yarn you started with. Make sense? Lastly, the directions do indicate in the Stitch Glossary that S3K means to slip 3 stitches knitwise, one at a time, to the right hand needle; then insert the left hand needle into the fronts of these 3 stitches and knit them together.

Hope that helps!