Panal Colour Change

The pattern I’m using (below) requires that I do ‘panels’ in the larger side pieces and they need to be in a different colour. Could someone direct me to a video or explain to me how to do this? Also any helo on the ‘Police Box’ Writing would be greatly appreciated.


Look at the Intarsia video on the Advanced Techniques page. You wouldn’t carry the other yarn color across while you knit with the 2nd color, but it can show how to twist the yarns around each other when you switch colors.

The “police box” writing they want you to do with duplicate stitch. Here is some info on how that works:

[COLOR="#330099"]The introduction and brief instruction page to the chart you linked to are here.


Slide show of images of a completed Tardis:


It shows the WS of the work where you can see how the colour work is carried on the back. You will need to make some bobbins of the dark blue, I believe. See the video page to which Sue linked you.


Crossed Fingers :)[/COLOR]