Palm Pilot Knitters Software

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A while back someone posted a note that identified useful knitters software for Palm Pilots. I can’t seem to find the note…does anyone remember which one it was?

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I think the post you are looking for is under “General Knitting”. The topic is “Check This Out” and the post is the 11th post down the page.

Here’s the page


Thanks Kathy…I saw this post when I do a search but it’s not the one that I remember. The one I’m thinking of listed several Palm/PDA applications for knitters.

Go to WWW.PALMONE.COM and then software and then search knit and there’s a lot of them!

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The software is called “Knitable” and “Countable” and there is also a PDA version of “E-Knit Cards.” I have the trial versions of all of them (I am not sure if there are still trial versions available of the first two; I have had mine for several years.) I think the only one that looks to be truly worth the $30 would be “Knitable” and even then, I think I would only use it to keep track of my knitting needles and stash, so why not just keep my own database and save the $$$ for another project? The Countable screen is neat in that you can use it to tally your rows, pattern repeats, stitches, and one other thing I forget offhand. The problem is that my pda resides in my purse, not in my knitting bags (I have several projects underway in grab-and-go bags depending on my time and mood). I find that when I finally get settled to do some knitting, I don’t want to have to scout around for my purse. It is way easier for me to have several of the cheapie counters around, one in each bag.

Just an update. I finally decided to go ahead and get an easy-to-enter database for my needles, yarn, etc. I kept thinking I would do it on my own, but I was having trouble getting motivated and finding the time. I went online yesterday and really checked out the PDA products and discovered that the E-Knit Cards is the most powerful tool for my usage. I was convinced by watching an incredibly thorough video on the product at:

I have had the trial versions of Knitable, Countable, and E-Knit cards for about two years. The E-Knit cards has been the most updated, and the visit to their website led me to discover lots more info than the other products offered. The E-Knit Cards video lasts 21 minutes but really is worth the time. I had already explored the trial version, but got a chance to see on the video what the whole product could do for me if I decided to buy. I was convinced, purchased a license online, and within 20 minutes, I had received the unlock code.

I can really recommend the purchase process, and, so far, the product has worked great (I have loaded my needles in.) I look forward to using the application for tracking measurements, yarn stash, conversions of needles and yarn types, calculating yarn needs per project, knitting abbreviations and instructions, and more! Check it out. (And, no, I am not related to the product or seller in any way.)

that sounds cool. I can’t afford new palm s/w so I merely copied all the same text (conversions of needles and yarn types, calculating yarn needs per project, knitting abbreviations and instructions, etc!) from websites on the Internet (such as and and pasted them into various Memo pages in my palm pilot. It was free and quick!

I also created a page for my needle supply. Lots of ways to do things if you don’t have extra cash!

Amen to that sista! :thumbsup: