Palindrome Scarf (My very first cable project)

:yay: This is the first time I have ever done a cable. I always thought they looked too hard. I would have liked this longer but I could not find the yarn any more. I bought the yarn about 3 years ago put it away and forgot all about it. I used TLC Lustre yarn. I really love the color.

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love the color

oh, that color is great!

i know what you mean about cables, though. they look sooo complicated, but i found they were easy and actually fun. :smiley:

Lovely. I am going to try cables some day soon.

oooooooohhh…simply luscious looking! Thanks for sharing! Wow! :thumbsup:

I thought cables were too hard too … til I made this scarf! Love that beautiful color and it looks so soft!!! Great job!

Nice job and a pretty colour. Keep up the good work!

:woot: It looks great!! I love the color

That looks great!

That is GORGEOUS yarn, and you did a fabulous job on the scarf!

Wonderful work :slight_smile:

that looks sooo pretty! welcome to the world of cable addicts!

Way to go! The scarf looks wonderful!!

Thanks for sharing…

Waht a colour! Looks gorgeous :passedout:

Wow! It’s beautiful, and I love the color!

I love your Palindrome, and I agree that the colour is great. I am planning to do that pattern but I have 3 scarves, a sock and a baby sweater to finish first. :slight_smile:

The yarn I am going to use for the Palindrome is Bernat Softee Chunky in Wine. Its a gorgeous rich red. Not sure if that’s close to the colour of yours or not, I think your yarn has a touch more orange in it.

The color is just beautiful! Very nice with the pattern!