Palindrome Scarf & Hat

I finished my palindrome scarf & hat!

I pretty much exactly followed the pattern (yarn and all!) except for the hat. I got tired of the ribs, so I threw in some extra cables. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have tried to space them out a bit better. Even so, I love how it turned out!

beautiful! i love how the palindrome hats/scarves turn out with the variated yarn.

Pink and grey are so pretty together! Lovely set.

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

They look beautiful.

I love the set, looks great. Have you got a link to the pattern?

Gorgeous!!! Fun pattern isn’t it?

They’re great, good job :slight_smile:

The patterns are here

Sorry, I forgot to post the link. Thank you to the pp for linking! And thanks to Silver for the patterns :waving:

The yarn is actually pink/green/tan. I agree though, I love pink & gray together. If I ever see some yarn with those colors, I’ll be snatching them up!

:inlove: so pretty!! I love the yarn choice :yay:

OMG,:shock: :thud: they are so pretty. I love pink. Good job.

I love the way it turned out - its beautiful!


What a beautiful set:thumbsup:

They are beautiful!! :yay: Wish I had gotten the yarn I saw at the store today for this.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I just love that color of yarn!!!

Wow! what a beautiful set! and gorgeous yarn!

Can you tell us which yarn it is?

I’ve made the scarf before for a friend and now I’m making one for me, but I’d like to make the hat for me in a varigated yarn and I love the one you chose.



Thank you! The yarn is Paton’s SWS, in the Natural Pink colorway.

that’s very pretty…the color scheme is wonderful:woohoo:

Very pretty!