Palindrome scarf #2 - fringe?


First of all, I want to thank Auburnchick once again for this great pattern! I found it just when I needed it to make a scarf for a friend. I used alpaca yarn and it is sooooo soft.

Now I’m trying to decide whether or not to add fringe to the scarf. Would it add or take away from it? The friend who it’s for wears a long camel-colored coat a lot of the time, so length is no problem. As it is right now, the scarf is about 5’ long. What would you all do - fringe or no fringe? Thanks for the input!


I like it without the fringe, it is a nice clean look. Is your friend a man or a woman, most men I know prefer their scarves without fringe.

I like it without fringe but I don’t care for fringe very much.

I think the cables look better w/o fringe. Its’ gorgeous! :yay:

BTW… The pattern was designed by a KH member and mod, Silver. :thumbsup:

First off, it’s beautiful! I vote for no fringe. The cables are beautiful just the way they are!

BTW, thanks for the shout out. I’m glad that my FO inspired you. Like Jan said, Silver wrote the pattern. She did a fantastic job!

I vote no on the fringe, too. I like it just like it is. Great job.

I vote no fringe also. It looks great.

Love it :slight_smile:

NO fringes

Wow, we’re 100% no fringe!! Thanks all for the input, and thanks to Silver as well for the pattern. I just love the 2-sided cable, and I wish you could feel how soft it is!

Anyway, no fringe it is. And the added benefit (which I didn’t mention, because I didn’t want to sway the decision) is that I can take back the last skein I didn’t break into, for a $6.00 refund. :happydance:

Thanks again, I LOVE this forum!! :muah: