Palindrome Hat question

OK I’ve got a quick question at the decrease. I currently have 120 stitches on 3 DPNs.

It says Round 1: k2tog, P2, [K2, P2] to next stitch marker, slip marker Repeat around.

Ok sounds silly but that means I k2tog, P2 and then K2, P2 , repeating only the [K2, P2] until I hit the next maker? Or repeat the whole thing to the next marker. For a total of 20 stitches (which is what is between each of the 6 markers).

Just want to be sure I’m doing it correctly. I hate to frog!



Ok we are just going to say I had a blonde moment. It all makes sense now.



You repeat everything between 2 *s or from the first one to where it says - repeat from *.