Palindrome Hat Q

Hey Y’all!

So I think I’m going to make Silver’s Palindrome Hat in SWS natural slate (grey and black) for my boyfriend…the pattern isn’t too feminine do you think? Or should I just go with a simple ribbed hat?
Thanks in advance,


Not at all. It’s a good pattern and I wear mine a lot.

I made the hat and scarf for a guy for Christmas and he loved it… he is a cool guy that rides a Harley and he did not think it was too feminine at all… choose a “manly” color and I think your boyfriend will be thrilled with it.

Thanks guys! I will definitely go through with it…I could only imagine it in the colorway that Silver originally did it in and I just couldn’t see it!

Yeah the color is a good point. Not too many guys would wanna wear a pink one :rofl: