Pages in some threads aren't fitting

This isn’t in all threads, but in some of them the message/reply boxes are being cut off on the right side, and there is no scroll bar. This is happening on both my MacBook and my PC with a widescreen monitor.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Well, after I return to the thread with the problem, it’s resolved. Then randomly in a different thread, it does it again. I leave that thread, return, and again it’s self resolved.

Anyway, I guess it’s not a big issue since I can now read the full threads if I leave and come back.

I’ve had the same problem today except it happened to me in a pm. I’ll let Sheldon know it’s randomly happening. It may be that he’s working the forum in which case random weirdness can happen. :lol:


I had this problem yesterday or maybe the day before. I can’t really remember since I was for about 20 hours.

I sent Sheldon a msg so he’ll know.

Okay, well I’m not having that particular problem, but instead I’m having issues with NO photos showing up on the forum at all. It doesn’t matter if the thread is 6+ months old or a week old. The only picture I can see (other than avatars) is the one Breezed posted about her new pup.