Paganini Caprice No. 24 Purse

Hey everyone! This is my second purse from the Two Measures of Joy pattern from Elann. I made it for the 21st birthday of a very dear friend: an amazing singer/violinist. Like the first purse I made from this pattern, I used needle felting instead of embroidery for the notes. It was pretty hard to fit all these notes on, but definitely worth it. Let me know what you think!

Very cool. Well done. :thumbsup:

Let me know what you think!

I think it’s beautiful! What a wonderful, talented friend you are!

That is so awesome. I love felted purses, and this one is wonderful. What an extra special gift for a talented friend.

That’s a wonderful gift! Amazing bag :heart:

Red, (no offense, redheaded, too),that is amazing! You did a great job!
Love it! :yay: :yay: :cheering:

I love this purse, and I’m sure she’ll love it too! Great work, Rachel!

it’s awesome! I love the thought and personalization you seem to put into your projects! Nice work!!

Your purse is really wonderful and I am sure your friend will love it dearly and forever. Very appropriate.

that is beautiful, it has turned out wonderfully. are the notes part of a partiular song, or are they just a random selection?

Very nice! What a great gift :yay:

love :heart: it!!
like the black & white

Whoohoo! I love it! You did great Rachel!

That is gorgeous!! :inlove:


Thanks for the awesome feedback, everyone! I really appreciate it :muah:

The notes are from the first two measures of Caprice No. 24 by Nicolo Paganini.

That is most excellent! She will LOVE it!

That is fantastic. She will love this thoughtful gift and IF she does not, send it to me, I will love it for her!!!

It is not only creative but just stunning:) lovely work!!

it is too cute. i love the notes. worth the extra effort!!