Pacing back and forth from the mailbox

sigh I’m egerly awaiting my order, I would have expected it to arrive before or during the weekend, and now it’s delayed :doh:

Why is it so painful when you’re waiting for somehting that won’t come… like my lovely pretty yarn :pout:

:hug: I understand…

This would be me after I place an order for more Home schooling stuff! :teehee:

I can usually do pretty good for the first week. Start stalking the mail box the second week, and will call the supplier on the third week :lol:

I can identify, but it’s usually because I want to beat my dh to the mailbox so I can hide my new goodies. :wink:

I’m waiting for Socks that Rock… it’s worse when waiting for stuff that’s international… and everyone else who ordered stuff posts to the blog “I received it and its sooooo wonderful!” :pout:

auburnchick: Do what I do and have it send to a friend’s house :teehee:

If I know there might be yarn in my mailbox when I get home from work, there is always a bit of pep in my step on the way out of the building.

If it’s not there when I get home, it’s :pout: .

I can’t order from them. I would keep wanting a shot of bourbon everytime I tried knitting with the yarn, and never mind that the bourbon is Jim Beam. :rofl:

I’m right there with you sister. I ordered some KP classic circulars so I can try knitting socks on two circulars. I have some skippy yarn just dying to be turned into a stack of socks, but I’m determined to wait for those needles. In the meantime, I’m cranking out stupid dish cloths in record time.

Delayed gratification is for the birds (but don’t tell the DS I said that–I remind him often about how grown up it is to patiently wait for something you really want).


Joe, LOL I was thinking the same thing about my dd’s! I’m currently waiting on TWO different yarn orders, and I’m getting so impatient…