p3tog but do not remove sts yet, yo wrapping yarn completely around needles, then p3tog again into the same 3 sts.
AND, the rows are 361 sts long.
This isn’t my Faaaavorite thing ever. lol

Please tell me what you’re making, Rach, so I don’t go there! LOL, sounds way too hard for the likes o’ me.

haha It’s the Cat’s Cradle Long Ways Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer.
The reason you cast on sooo many is because you cast on the entire length of the whole lace scarf. So there aren’t a ton of rows, but each row takes forever.
lol Yeah, not digging all this p3tog. But it’s my first lace project and I basically like it. Lace is so pretty and exciting :smiley:


Dumb question, but how on earth do you ever get the yarn off the needles with all the “wrap around” yarn to drag through the p3? I don’t knit really tightly, and there are times the k2tog or p2tog are tricky for me to get the yarn pulled through without the “2tog” slipping off the needle…

Whoever designed that pattern must be a very loose knitter. :help:

I’m a pretty tight knitter, and it’s EXTREMELY hard for the p3tog to go through the first time. But when you wrap the yarn around, you wrap it around the needles, not those stitches.
So usually once I’ve gotten the needle through and pulled back out from the first p3tog, the second one isn’t hard. :??

yowza, that sounds like Star Stitch. I had a hard time with that. I’m a fairly tight knitter too, FWIW. sorry, no real good pointers or advice from me - I struggled.
but now that I think about it… I think inserting the right needle at a weird (well, weird for me anyways) angle helped a lot. like, I think I practically had the right needle parallel and “lying down” to the left one when inserting.

If you don’t have Knitpicks needles it might be worth seeing whether you can borrow them from a friend… maybe two circulars with smaller tips on one end?

I’m using my KP Options :smiley:

what’s special about the knit picks? are those the pretty colorful ones? :slight_smile: so much to learn…

Rachel have you tried using smaller tip on the end you knit off? Since it’s flat not in the round you could switch the tips every row… for such fiddly and long rows might be worth a few seconds each time?
Tub, Knitpicks makes those interchangeable needles (seem to be the most popular and I certainly LOVE mine). The first ones were metal tips, the Options set. They have recently brought out a different set of tips, the colourful wooden ones, called the Harmony set.

Good Morning,
I just picked up my knitting needles again after about 20 years!
Luckily my Mother-in-Law was around to help, 'cause I couldn’t even remember how to cast on stitches! She showed me the basics and it came back pretty quickly…
My grandson saw me making a scarf for his sister and asked me to make him a cap… I used to make a cap with the k3,p1 pattern, but have lost the pattern, so I do not know when or how to start the decreases.
I tried finding a similar pattern online, but everything I come up with is knit in the round, I have never used circular needles, nor knit in the round.
Could someone please advise me how I can use knit in the round patterns on straight needles? Or maybe even advise me when and how to do decreases, so I can use the k3,p1 pattern that I used to make?
Thank You,

For a child’s hat, I think you begin the decreases about 5-6" from the beginning. It’s about 7" for an adult, so you want it a little smaller.

I bet you’ll find a good pattern on this page:

Here are a few patterns that do not use circular needles:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help, will definitely check out the links provided.